The Bornsteins

Jeff and Kimberly have been featured on TV’s Masters-of-Illusion and their show will astound you; however, more astonishing about them might just be that they met on and maintained a long distance relationship for two years before getting married.If they look happy it’s not an act, they’re soul mates!

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About The Bornsteins

What happens when a beautiful Mind Reader marries a former Hollywood Stuntman?  They create a knock-out show of mind reading stunts that will BLOW your mind!

The Bornsteins know the key to a happy marriage is communication.  Of course, when your wife is a mind reader, there’s no hiding anything from her anyway!  Jeff is a retired U.S. Army, military intelligence specialist who says the most intelligent thing he’s ever done was to marry his lovely wife Kimberly.

Most recently featured on the HIT TV Show “Masters of Illusion”, she’s a woman of an amazing gift of intuition and together, they’ll astound you!


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