Sheer Element

LOCATION: Los Angeles (LAX)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 minutes
PERFORMANCE: Live band and/or Tracks

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Sheer Element is the bold new group the world has been waiting for. Featuring Izzy Kaye, Tabon Ward, and JEJ Vinson from Season 16 of NBC’s The Voice. Sheer Element is a diverse group of supremely talented friends, they have already attracted a dedicated legion of fans and built up an impressive online presence with millions of views on their social media videos. Now, as they continue to ride a wave of momentum, Sheer Element is on the brink of worldwide stardom. The members of Sheer Element have performed at venues such as The White House, Carnegie Hall and The Rose Bowl.

Sheer Element blends infectious pop melodies, and smooth R&B harmonies into something entirely new. Their show is a fluid journey through music’s past and present, exploring everything from 60’s soul to modern masterpieces, all reimagined in their own unique style. They fuse unique musical elements into songs from artists like the Bee Gees, Chaka Khan, and Bruno Mars, the result is always a captivating performance that is impossible to ignore. Sheer Element is the type of musical phenomenon that comes around once a generation, and their story is just getting started.



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