Ruben Anthony

LOCATION: Amsterdam, NL (AMS)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 minutes

Ruben was born on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao and started singing and dancing when he was 7 years old.

At 18 Ruben moved to Holland where he was accepted to the Amsterdam Theater School. After school Ruben played the lead role in the musicals Fame, Carmen Cubana, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair in Austria and Daddy Cool in Holland. Proving to his audiences that he is a true triple threat.

Ruben was part of the Soul Brothers as well as a choreographer for the Soul Sisters and theSoul Celebration.

He executive produced three studio albums In My Room, Take It All and Blue Light Frequency leaving his mark on the music industry in Holland with his latest releases accumulating more then 500.000 streams on Spotify Ruben started sailing the seven seas with his costume made shows for the cruise industry called Sweet Summer Soul and Souled Out.

Ruben is inspired by his travels around the world and the people he meets along the way. “In French Polynesia the traditional music is exactly the same as the traditional music in the Caribbean and these two areas are miles apart from each other, I realised then, that at one point in time we were all one people” Ruben currently lives in Almere, Holland.


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About Ruben Anthony

Ruben was born on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Son to a Caribbean father and a Dutch mother, brother to a 5 year older sister. Ruben’s father, a music promoter and his mother’s love for soul music had a big influence on his personal and professional development. With the tender age of 7 years he was singing his mother’s favourite songs of Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding and playing in the family band. Already then Ruben knew exactly what he wanted to become. A Star!

In 1993, when Ruben was 15 and living in Holland, he started singing in his first a cappella group, Prospect. In that same year Prospect got their first National TV performance. A few years later the group split up and Ruben moved to Amsterdam where he was accepted at the Theater School. One year into the theater program, Ruben felt that he wasn’t on the right career path and quit the school to start work as a freelance artist. Since then Ruben has toured with Ruth Jacott, Enrique Iglesias and Mr. President.

Ruben decided to move to Vienna in the year 2000, where he played various lead roles in musicals like Fame, Joseph and Jesus Christ Superstar. Proving to his audiences that he is a true triple threat. Mastering the arts of singing, acting and dancing to complete perfection.

Ruben decided to go to Los Angeles in 2003 to learn more about singing, performing and dancing. After 6 months of L.A, Ruben Anthony went back to Vienna and started production for his now finished debut album Exceptional. Ruben released three singles, Be My Lady ( #15 on the charts April 2004 ), I want U ( Oct 2004 ) and Worth it ( Jan 2006 ) from that album with strong airplay support from the radio stations in Austria, making Ruben a famous singer in Austria.

Ruben went on to write two songs for the musical Carmen Cubana, in which he also starred. ( world premiere summer 2006 ). In November 2006 Ruben visited Holland for some promotional tour dates. In the summer of 2006 Ruben Anthony released his debut album EXCEPTIONAL ( Div. Rec. 2006 ) with his partners Beat4Feet. At press time the album is officially sold out.

2007 was the beginning of Ruben’s German six months tour adventure. During the tour Ruben started writing new songs and creating the concept for his new album IN MY ROOM. Since Ruben was writing his new songs in his hotel rooms after shows and the fact that the new material was more personal, it was fitting to call the new album IN MY ROOM. When it was time to record the new songs with super-producer SENSAY.

The music as well as the videos for IN MY ROOM proof how Ruben has grown as a man as well as an artist in the last two years. More secure in his business, his music and his life.

In 2009 Ruben moved to Holland to join the SOULBROTHERS TOUR, which was followed by the successful SOULANDDISCOBROTHERS TOUR in September of 2010 and 2011 with sold out crowds in the prestigious Amsterdam Carré and Oude Luxor in Rotterdam as well as two performances at “DE WERELD DRAAIT DOOR”.

The year 2012 was the year of DADDY COOL. Ruben Anthony played the lead role is this hit musical in Holland, Belgium and Mallorca. In 2014 Ruben changed his name to RUBEN ANTHONY to create a bigger appeal to the North American market.
May 2014 marked the release of RUBEN’s third album, TAKE IT ALL.

In 2017 Ruben started recording for his latest project BLUE LIGHT FREQUENCY. with this new Album and his new sound Ruben Anthony is clearly on a path to make a new mark let you feel his melody.


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RUBEN ANTHONY, the singer with the amazing green eyes, will take you back with some sweet classics from Stevie and James, have you dancing and swinging to Michael Jackson and leave you amazed with his rendition of John Legend’s super hit All Of Me.

2nd show –SOULED OUT
Enjoy a romantic evening with RUBEN ANTHONY’s second show SOULED OUT.
In this show RUBEN gets a little more personal and shares his inspiration for writing some of his favorite original love songs.
Lionel Ritchie’s HELLO and Lenny Kravitz IT AIN’T OVER TILL IT’S OVER are some of the classic love songs performed this evening.

Perform with Band: Yes-Charts
Perform with Tracks: No
Cabins: 1
Shows: 2 x 45 minutes
Rehearsal: 60 minutes
Excess Baggage: None
Airport: AMS

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