RIDIN’ THE STORM OUT – Tribute to REO Speedwagon

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
MATERIAL: 1 x 90 -120 minute show

Back in the late 90’s the guitarist and founding member of “Ridin The Storm Out” – Rick Hunter, had the honor of playing and performing with REO’s founding member Gary Richrath for almost 3 years. Their chemistry was evident from their first chords played together.

Move forward to 2017, He decided to form an REO Speedwagon Tribute in search of players that loved REO’s music. After being in many successful Tribute bands since 2002, he embarked on celebrating Gary’s Richrath’s contribution to music history by forming this band’s library of hit songs in a tribute for the fans… Knowing the signature vocal harmonies and musical style were key ingredients to reproduce REO’s sound, the quest was a challenge, but achieved after joining forces with 2 unbelievably young multi-talented musicians, and 2 other seasoned players, that brought all the pieces together to form – “Ridin’ The Storm Out” – Tribute To REO Speedwagon…

The name comes from the band’s 1st hit in the mid 70’s – REO’s signature song that ends their shows.
Ridin’ The Storm Out – song list has a solid 2-hour show they can perform with all the true REO live show hits the real band still plays at their shows.

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