Raymond Wise

MATERIAL: 2 x 45 Minutes
PERFORMANCE: Tracks or live band

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Raymond Wise began his performance career at the young age, appearing in his first professional production at age 9. Ever since, he has been able to captivate audiences with his charisma, uniqueness, and high energy across the world. Performing in Europe, South America and a 3-year residency in Japan, he combines his experiences of traveling with the joys of living, learning, laughing and loving. Having a degree in Theatre and experience as a musician, vocal arranger, composer and producer he has orchestrated shows that woo audiences with perfect blends of old and new music, and the contagious feeling of joy all while giving you top of the line entertainment with style, grace and passion. What separates Raymond’s performances from others is the ability to tell stories with music that relates not only to his life experiences, but also connects with every audience member in the room.

You’ll sing, dance, laugh, cry, but most of all you’ll smile. In this self-produced show, Raymond doesn’t just leave it all on the stage, he gives you a piece to take with you.


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