RAGS TO RHINESTONES – The Dolly Parton Story

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia (SYD)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45
PERFORMANCE: Live band and/or Tracks

A dedication to DOLLY PARTON the most honoured and awarded female country singer songwriter off all time.A true music legend with 26 number 1 hits whose popularity is still on the rise and after 6 decades is still working 9 to 5.
Along with her iconic songs ,voice and look so too is her rags to riches success story of growing up dirt-poor to becoming one of the most successful country singers of all time. Donna’s ‘Dolly” show tells that story of the Rhinestone Queen herself. What Donna gives the audience is a true “Dolly”concert experience full of stories,classic one liners but most of all a DOLLY GOOD TIME.

Donna sparkles onto the stage with her own infectious energy and warmth with hit songs  TWO DOORS DOWN,BABY I’M BURNING, JOLENE,COAT OF MANY COLOURS,NINE TO FIVE,HERE YOU COME AGAIN,I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU and many more to sing along too.
The show also contains a special treat with “little Kenny” which Donna affectionately calls him,with the hit song  ISLANDS IN THE STREAM.

The true strength of this show is  Donna’s authenticity as a performer and how she is able to connect to her audience the music of Dolly whilst still keeping her own identity and sound.



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About RAGS TO RHINESTONES - The Dolly Parton Story