Paul Pappas

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About Paul Pappas

Paul Pappas has been performing around the world on land and sea for the last 24 years. He started playing piano at the tender age of 5 and continued his performance studies while earning Bachelor’s degrees in Music and Mathematics followed by a Masters in Music. With his dynamic piano wizardry, vocals, and humor, Paul offers a wonderful mix of popular favorites for all ages performed in his own unique and energetic style. You’ll hear everything from Ragtime to Rock ‘n Roll, Broadway to Buble, TV to the Movies, Classical favorites, Disney tunes, Pop hits and more!


2019 Avails
2020 Avails

1st Show – SA Dynamic Musical Journey through the Upbeat World of PAUL PAPPAS
Tonight we present a dynamic musical adventure with PAUL PAPPAS as he performs everything from Ragtime to Rock ‘n Roll, Broadway to Buble’, with Pop, Disney, TV, Movie Music & More!

2nd show –More Fast-Flying Fingers & Fun with PAUL PAPPAS
Tonight we bring back the fast-flying fingers & musical variety of Paul Pappas as he performs more popular favorites on the piano in his own unique and energetic style.

Perform with Band: Yes-Charts
Perform with Tracks: No
Cabins: 1
Shows: 2 x 45 minutes
Rehearsal: 60 minutes
Excess Baggage: None
Airport: PBI (West Palm Beach, FL)

Baby grand or grand piano on stage (in the center), boom stand with microphone (for singing), microphone on piano (for talking).
If there are side screens in the the show lounge, I like to project my fingers onto those screens.

Travel Information

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