Nathan Samuelson

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB (YEG)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 minutes
PERFORMANCE: Live band and/or Tracks

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As the youngest son of a trumpet playing band teacher and a flautist/pianist, Nathan’s destiny seemed clear from a young age. Inspired by Chuck Mangione’s “Feel So Good,” he vowed to become a world-class trumpet player and musician.

Today, Nathan Samuelson is a passionate musician with a love for blending the timeless melodies of jazz with a modern pop/rock twist and with a Jazz Performance Diploma from Grant MacEwan University under master teacher Dominic Spera, who played trumpet for Henry Mancini and Burt Bacharach, it’s no surprise that he’s fully embodied that world-class musician he vowed to be.

Nathan’s music has graced stages around the world, with legends like late soul icon Clem Curtis of “Build Me Up, Buttercup”, Leanne Mitchell, the first series winner of The Voice UK, and international soul singer Lloyd Wade, to even collaborating with Phil Lovett, CEO of P. Lovett Productions (known for Stevie Wonder and Brian McKnight).

In August 2018, after dedicating nearly two decades to his craft, Nathan proudly launched his genre-blending masterpiece, debut album, “City Lights Ahead.” Serving as a heartfelt love letter to the open sea, his close-knit family, and his personal journey in search of love, meaning, and self-discovery, he showed the world that not only is he that world class musician, he’s also a world class composer who leaves you with the starry embrace of the shore after a dark, stormy night.



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About Nathan Samuelson

Seeing Nathan Samuelson perform is like going on a musical odyssey. He teleports audiences to the tropics of Brazil, the cosmopolitan streets of New York, and the sophistication of Europe —all in one night! Yet, his music maintains the wholesome honesty of his prairie boyhood. That earnest approachability turns audiences of strangers into loyal fans.

Smooth. Melodic. Hip. Nathan’s sound is Jazz, but with a pop sensibility, similar to Till Brönner or Chris Botti. Nathan has shared stages with world class artists like late soul icon Clem Curtis [The Foundations] of “Build Me Up, Buttercup” fame. He also performed with Leanne Mitchell, winner of the first series of The Voice UK.

In August 2018, Nathan Samuelson launched his debut album City Lights Ahead, a love letter to the open sea, the close-knit family that uplifts him, and the starry embrace of the shore after a dark, stormy night.


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1st Show – Buble to Botti
Nathan Samuelson’s love of music and entertaining is palpable. He is a skilled devotee of the trumpet, with a singing voice reminiscent of the crooners of yonder days. His show brings moments of excitement, tenderness and humour. Audiences will be treated to a versatile set; From Buble’s chart topping pop tunes like “Home”, to fiery latin showstoppers like “Sway”, to the tender ballads of Chris Botti, and a rocking Sting medley.

2nd show –Romancing the Trumpet
Here is a show made to warm the heart of the coldest cynic. Using his powerful technical prowess and emotive ability, Nathan crafts an intimate evening of beautiful melodies like the timeless vocal ballad “Besame Mucho”. This is contrasted with locked-in, fresh grooves and energetic hits like “Shape of You” (Ed Sheeran) and “Happy” (Pharrell Williams). With his warmth, passion and approachability, Nathan shares through music a very human experience —of happiness, sorrow, and most importantly, love.

Perform with Band: Yes-Charts
Perform with Tracks: Yes
Cabins: 1
Shows: 2 x 45 minutes
Rehearsal: 60 minutes
Excess Baggage: None
Airport: YEG (Edmonton, Alberta)


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