Joseph Tran

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 & 1 x 20 minutes

Joseph Tran has lived a pretty colorful life so far. He’s been a stuntman, he’s an actor who has appeared on film, TV, and video games speaking multiple languages, he travels all over the world with his magic and has won some of magic’s greatest accolades, and he creates & consults magic for some of TV/film’s top actors & directors. He’s done all of this while also being an introvert and having stage fright! Somehow, he has found a way to get past that and blow audiences’ minds every single time. Inspired by the life-long experience of learning to brush off haters and lean into your weird/nerdy/uncool interests, Joseph’s shows combine self-deprecating humor, outrageous stories of his journey from poor kid in Hollywood to less-poor magician in Hollywood, and incredible magic that only a kid of the 80s/90s could create. Born and raised in Hollywood, CA, Joseph’s personality and interests were largely formed by living in the Entertainment Capital of the World. With ballroom dance teacher parents and a famous magician living just down the street, it surprised no one that Joseph took an interest in the performing arts. When not on the road and living out of a suitcase, Joseph continues to live in Los Angeles and draws inspiration from the city’s unique culture and obsession with entertainment.



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About Joseph Tran

As a magician who somehow manages to make magic cool – seriously, just ask James Corden of “Carpool Karaoke” fame, who handpicked Joseph to be his magic consultant out of every other magician in LA– Joseph knows what you want to see today. He’s got the same short attention span and access to Youtube that you do, which is why his magic is 100% preservative/gluten/hack/brooding/unfunny-free and just what you need to inject some life into nights at sea.

Always looking to do something new, Joseph’s new show is the result of his challenge to himself: to create a mind-blowing full-length show that can travel in one regular suitcase. The “suitcase show” is guaranteed to captivate even the most over-stimulated and “I know how he did that” audience – he’s like a Venti Double Chocolate Frappucino with Daytime Benadryl; you’ll wonder how you ever did without him.

First appearing on cruise ships 7 years ago, Joseph quickly drew the attention of the entertainment decision-makers back home. He became a full-time entertainer to the stars and magic consultant for top networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, Buzzfeed, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. You won’t see him performing on TV shooting for his 15 minutes of fame. Instead, he’s often behind the camera consulting for shows like America’s Got Talent and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Simply put, Joseph is the guy everyone calls when they want to take their magic and comedy to the next level.


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Home Airport: LAX (Los Angeles, CA)