Beach Boys Tribute

Beach Boys

High Tide-Featured artists at Disneyland this show is a Beach Boys presentation with spot on Vocals and the smart look of the Southern California Beach. The versatility of this act can be a formal show or a poolside or dance casual event performance.


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About Beach Boys Tribute

Disney entertainment regards this Disney featured artist group as a “spot on” sound recreation of the  1960’s legendary group The Beach Boys. Fun, Sun, Surf and cars set the backdrop featuring vocal harmony beyond belief! Sporting authentic detail just as you remember, this act is a must see for all ages. recreates the 1960’s Beach Boys. Witness first hand that unique California harmonic surf-pop sound so recognizable around the world. This show was personally selected by The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson to perform for the Beach Boys’ family and friends at the California Beach Boys historical landmark dedication whereby the home of the Beach Boys in 2005 was established as a California Historical landmark. Brian Wilson and The Beach boys loved this cat giving them a huge thumbs up. Don’t miss this show that is currently headlining Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, and theaters, fairs  across the United States.

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