Hanna Goodman

MATERIAL: 3 x 45 minutes
PERFORMANCE: Live band (Charts) / Tracks

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Hanna is an extremely versatile and accomplished vocalist which, when paired with her charismatic and warm personality, makes for a winning combination onstage. She has a career that spans over 15 years which is built solely on hard work, determination and a fierce passion for her craft. From an early age her dream was to go to theatre school in London, and although she gained places at 3 of the top schools, it was immediately obvious that that route was going to be too much of a financial strain on her family. True to form, this did not deter her, it only made her more determined to succeed.

She spent most of her late teens and early 20s touring throughout Europe with bands before she finally landed her first cruise ship contract which paved the way to where she is now. Her natural ability to connect with an audience and take them on a musical journey was evident from the success of the bands that she was able to work with. During this time, she cultivated a love for creating her own shows that would tell a story her audiences could relate to. Through those shows, Hanna invites her audiences to follow her on a journey that allows them to leave the world behind for a moment and immerse themselves in music.

A truly memorable and uplifting performer.


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