Great Balls Of FIre

LOCATION: Morganville, NJ (LGA/JFK)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 minutes

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After captivating audiences across 80 cities with his electrifying, ivory-smashing portrayal of Jerry Lee Lewis in “Million Dollar Quartet,” Jason Cohen is set to ignite the stage once more with an unforgettable theatrical concert. Welcome to “Great Balls of Fire,” a high-octane tribute that transports you back to the golden era of rock n’ roll. Brace yourself for an explosive performance featuring not only the legendary hits of Lewis’s contemporaries like Elvis, Cash, and Buddy, but also the soul-stirring gospel and vibrant rhythms of New Orleans music that once inspired ‘The Killer’ himself. With each note he pounds on the piano, Cohen will have you on your feet, dancing, singing, and exclaiming, “Goodness gracious – when can we see this again?!”


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