Erik Clark

LOCATION: Sacramento, CA (SMF)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 minutes plus additional 15 mins

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In association with Warshaw Entertainment

Erik Clark, originally from Oakland, CA, embarked on a journey into comedy inspired by the autobiography of Dick Gregory. Erik’s talent and versatility was clear very early in his career as he has hosted Step-Shows, won comedy competitions, and became a regular performer at renowned venues like The Punchline, Tommy T’s, Laughs Unlimited, and the San Jose Improv.
Erik’s observational style appeals to diverse audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. He brings humor to topics such as family, finances, fatherly pursuits, and even his own divorce. Erik’s comedic journey extends beyond the United States, as he has performed internationally and appeared on national TV.
In addition to his stage performances, Erik is also a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker, hinting at an exciting future that may include roles in movies, television, and comedy clubs near you. Erik’s comedic brands include Comedy 4 the Soul, The Kappa Komedy Tour, and The Black Greek Comedy Tour, showcasing his dynamic talent and passion for making people laugh.


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