Emilio Valle

LOCATION: Dec to Apr – Chile (CCP/ SCL) / Apr to Dec – Spain
MATERIAL: 2 x 45

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The guitar has traveled all around the world inspiring many artists, cultures and genres, and taking those who hear it through wonderful places and emotions. Emilio Valle pays tribute to that wonderful journey.

  From powerful songs by artists like Carlos Santana and Jimmy Hendrix, to traditional Latin rhythms like Tico-tico and Bésame Mucho, every piece is meticulously performed by Emilio Valle and his guitar.
A native of Chile, Emilio has dedicated his life to the study of music, specializing in a variety of genres. Mastering traditional Latin styles like tango and samba, performing classic rock music on a variety of stages and venues, and exploring jazz along with Big Band at international festivals, have all contributed to the artist he has become. Throughout this journey, Emilio’s own sound as a solo artist was born.

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