Claire-Charlotte Ball

LOCATION: Manchester, UK (MAN)
MATERIAL: 2 x 45 minutes
PERFORMANCE: Live band and/or Tracks

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Claire-Charlotte comes from a background in Musical Theatre, but always had a soft spot for any song that had an electric guitar! Having performed in England for many years, she took to the high seas in 2014 working on board a variety of ships all around the globe. Claire-Charlotte feels very grateful to have travelled 6 of the 7 continents so far by doing the job that she loves! She wanted to bring classic rock back and celebrate some of the most iconic female artists in both of her shows, Women of Rock, and Divas Through the Decades.


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About Claire-Charlotte Ball

Claire-Charlotte Ball pays tribute to “Women of Rock”, celebrating the all time classic female rock vocalists such as, Blondie, Heart, Janis Joplin, and more! A true rock show with all time classics from when rock really was the most iconic music around.


2019 Avails
2020 Avails

1st Show – Women of Rock
Claire-Charlotte presents Women of Rock, a true rock show paying tribute to the all time, classic, female rockers of their time such as Heart, Blondie, Janis Joplin and more! Get ready to go back in time, to sing along and to really rock the boat!

2nd Show – Divas Through the Decades
Claire-Charlotte presents Divas Through the Decades, taking you back in time celebrating some musical legends. From the “swinging 60s” to the “naughty 90s”, you are bound to sing along to these Divas!

Perform with Band: Yes
Perform with Tracks: Yes
Cabins: 1
Shows: 2 x 45 minutes
Rehearsal: 60 minutes
Excess Baggage: None
Airport: MAN

The lead guitarist should be able to step forward during Women of Rock, failing that he/she should be set forward with myself. He/she is an integral part of the rock show.

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