UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY is an acclaimed U2 tribute band that passionately recreates authentic U2 concerts. Covering the War tour in 1983 to present day, each show has amazed fans with their ability to recreate famous U2 shows and has solidified their reputation for sold out venues – including the world-famous Red Rocks!

Billy Bunting had been a rabid U2 fan since he saw the band in New Haven, CT in 1981. Billy never forgot Bono climbing up to the balcony of this old theatre singing “Sunday Bloody Sunday” at the top of his lungs and thought, “I want to do that!” From that point forward, Billy immersed himself in U2 music and that event helped shape Billy as a singer. After 20+ years as professional musicians, Billy and Jerry Bousquet returned to their roots and formed UABRS.

UABRS got its start by recreating the legendary 1983 “Live at Red Rocks” concert on New Year’s Eve 2005 to a sold out show at the Paramount Theater in Denver, CO. It went over huge as fans were taken back to that foggy June 5 evening and ended the night singing the refrain from “40” as the band left the stage. It was EXACTLY like Red Rocks and led UABRS to the legendary amphitheater in the summer of 2007 to perform to 9,000+ U2 fans making UABRS the ONLY U2 tribute to have performed at Red Rocks. From there the members of UABRS have never looked back – over 10 years performing hundreds of U2 concerts to thousands of U2 fans providing the spectacle of what seeing/experiencing U2’s music LIVE is all about!