BECOMING LENNON – One artist’s story of how looking and sounding like John Lennon has shaped his own destiny.

In 2005, Otto D released his first CD under the pseudonym, Caesar Bach. One reviewer described the disc as, “what John Lennon would sound like today if he were still alive and making music!” Another reviewer described it as, “John Lennon trying to sound like George Harrison.” The Lennon and Beatle influence was undeniable.

The spirit of John Lennon has been an ongoing theme throughout Otto’s adult life. Friends and fans alike have sent photos of John Lennon, or magazines with John on the cover stating, “I saw this and it he looks just like you! I had to get it for you.”

In 2013, a friend invited Otto to put on a wig and be John Lennon in a tribute show. Initially reluctant, he knew he looked and sounded a lot like John Lennon, and had many of John’s mannerism while singing. The transition on stage was effortless and actually stunned audiences.

Forever changed and grateful, Otto D has created a show that maximizes the impact of this transformation. BECOMING LENNON is a show in two parts. The first: audiences enjoy Otto D performing as himself while sharing how John and his music have impacted Otto’s own life and career. The second: slowly, Otto takes on his Lennon persona – becoming a virtual John Lennon right before your eyes – finishing the show with a full set as John Lennon. Audiences have said, “it’s as if he channels the very spirit of John Lennon.”

There IS NOTHING LIKE THIS SHOW in the world!