Based out of Arizona, the members of TNT are seasoned musicians that have played in almost every capacity over their careers. Coming together in 1996 under various names they played the original and cover circuit and gathered a dedicated following. Because of the fan reaction to AC/DC music whenever it was included in their sets, the idea to form a Tribute Band developed.

From the beginning the standard was set high to form a tribute to AC/DC not just by playing only AC/DC songs and having the guitar player running around in a schoolboy suit, but to create a whole concert experience & recreate the “exact” look, feel and excitement of an AC/DC concert. It’s been tagged a “SUPER” Tribute Show complete with detailed costumes of ALL members, exact instruments, pyrotechnics and stage show including the famous Angus moves and strip routine – plus, all of the best material from both the Bon Scott and the Brian Johnson eras.

Word about TNT spread quickly and within a few months, TNT was packing clubs and performing at major venues and events such as NASCAR, NHL and in cities across the United States and abroad – from sold out shows in Las Vegas to the Hard Rock Café in Puerto Rico, from Boise, Idaho to HBO movie shoots in Texas and shows in Mexico and all points in between. In the past seven years, TNT has generated excitement and won thousands of fans by capturing the raw power of the legendary band.

Along the way, TNT actually got to meet AC/DC with the result of TNT being granted publishing rights to release the un-released AC/DC single “On the Borderline.” No other AC/DC Tribute Band in the World has earned that distinction.

The TNT “AC/DC Experience” is an incredible reproduction of an AC/DC concert performance capturing the raw power and excitement of the legendary band.

As confirmed by countless show goers who say…“I JUST FELT I’VE SEEN AC/DC….THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!”