The Fantastic Flying Fingers of Piano Showman STEPHEN KANE

Forget your old piano lessons — Stephen Kane brings the baby grand to life! In an action packed night of entertainment Stephen pushes the keys to their limits — from sizzling jazz to ragtime, the definitive hits of Billy Joel, Elton John, and Jerry Lee Lewis, and a powerful tribute to his own classical roots. Exuberant playing and soulful vocals plus a few good laughs!

Stephen grew up in a small town in Alabama. As a local “child-prodigy” on the piano, and heading to the prestigious Julliard School of Music, Stephen’s future as a concert pianist seemed assured. However, the siren call of Broadway lured him from his original calling to a new life as an actor and singer. This led to a thirty year hiatus in his pianistic career.

Then came the opportunity to sing at sea and the discovery of the joys of travel. Ironically, it was these ships that delivered Stephen to the countries and birthplaces of the Great Classical Composers, inspiring him to return to his first true love — the piano.

His shows aboard luxury cruise ships are enjoyed by audiences around the globe: 140 different countries and over 310 different ports of call — so far.



2 x 45 Minutes


Home Airport: ATL (Atlanta)


Use The Band: Yes
Track Only Show: No