SHERIE RAE PARKER is the #1 BETTE MIDLER impersonator in the world with performances from Las Vegas to cities and countries around the world! Major production shows, to name a few: “Legends in Concert,” “American Superstars,” “Stars in Concert” (in Berlin), “Serendipity” (a musical comedy), “A Really Big Show” and “Tribute the Concert” have made Sherie their best Bette.

“I feel a special closeness to Bette.” Sherie remarks. “Our voices are a lot alike. I love her humor and energy on the stage! Her style and ability to take me to another place…It’s always a challenge! I am definitely having a great time!”

“Will the real Bette Midler please stand up? Star power on stage. The audience is in for a true treat. Sherie Rae bears an uncanny resemblance to the vivacious diva and reproduces Midler’s bawdy sense of humor as well as her vocal acrobatics to perfection.” What’s On magazine

“It’s immediately obvious that Rae has sass to burn and fits the Midler mold perfectly. Sherie Rae manages such a powerful performance as Bette Midler that she actually ends up on the floor during an emotion packed ‘Stay With Me Baby’. Her ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ will send chills up the most jaded show go-er’s spine.” Fun and Gaming

“The closer for “A Really Big Shew” is Sherie Rae Parker delivering a saucy Bette Midler. Parker is up to the task of taking on the Divine Miss M and all her flamboyance. With enough of the look to get audiences to buy into the willing suspension of disbelief, Parker minces across the stage, delivering short-breathed bawdy jokes, aka Midler doing Sophie Tucker. She plays the audience just as Midler would do and she plays off the deprecating humor that Midler elevated to an art form. But it is the voice that takes Parkers act beyond the norm. With a voice that literally jumps out of the microphone, she does Midler better than Midler. Her take on “Wind Beneath My Wings” actually breathes new life into that overused song and it soars anew. And in the set we caught, she belted out a wrenching and soulful “When A Man Loves A Woman” to the point it was easy to imagine (and eager to wish for) Parker sliding into a take on Janis Joplin. The lady’s voice has game.” The Laughlin Entertainer