Finalists on the popular Britain’s Got Talent series in 2013, brothers Richard & Adam Johnson are two ordinary Brits who possess extraordinary talents worth celebrating! Having lived a life entirely unconnected to showbiz in the small Welsh town of Holywell, Richard & Adam were geographically removed from the hub of where most dreams come true; however, it might just be this separation and their determination for greatness, that is the most inspired part of their story.

Richard & Adam, 25 and 22 respectively, grew up listening to the radio and iTunes, but it was their Grandmother (“their Nan”) who would provide them with the musical inspiration that would help them follow and achieve their dreams. Nan was a music lover with a particular love of classical music and opera. Each summer holiday, Richard & Adam would stay with her and she would tempt them away from the television and the Xbox, and over to the record player. She played Caruso, Mario Lanza and others like The Three Tenors – always encouraging the boys to sing along.

Richard & Adam had unusually strong voices – voices that got deeper, richer and better as they got older. Because the family could not afford singing lessons the boys would watch YouTube videos of some of the world’s most famous singers. For three years they studied literally anyone who could belt out a tune. During their tireless online research they came across a clip of Pavarotti teaching people how to sing, breathe and project. They came to think of this as the ultimate masterclass and studied it endlessly.

The boys began to sing at school, in coffee shops and bars, and were always amazed and encouraged by the reactions generated. They later started singing at the Birkenhead Operatic where they excelled and were entered into local talent competitions, which they won! Offers began to pour in. Each gig proved an invaluable opportunity for the boys to use all they had learned from Pavarotti. They made demo tapes and sent them out, but really had no idea what they were doing or how to get their music to a bigger audience. Then came Britain’s Got Talent…and the rest is, well…history!

Two ordinary young men with extraordinary talents captured the nation’s heart. Since the show, Richard & Adam have performed to sold out crowds all over the UK, and have had continued success with their chart-topping album At The Movies. Recently, the boys released their fourth album Believe, which has reached #1 on the UK’s classical charts.



2 x 45 Minutes


Home Airport: Liverpool and Manchester


Use The Band: Yes
Tracks Only Show: Yes