Tributeart Live! has been recognized as one of the top performance painting acts in the country. The mastermind of Tributeart Live!, Randall Hedden has been performing this unique art form in front of thousands since he accepted a “dare” from a good friend in 2009. Tributeart Live! quickly became nationally recognized – performing with celebrities, stars of Rock ‘N’ Roll and Country, large corporate events and fundraisers of all sizes.

In 2011, Hedden was invited to become a participant in America’s Got Talent without having to go through the audition process. He made it to AGT’s “short list” before having to return to work as a full-time professional artist. Since the inception of Tributeart Live!, Hedden’s speed paintings have garnered over one million dollars for various charities throughout the world – an accomplishment that he is most proud of. The BB King painting for The Art of Blues shows Hedden’s wide range of painting options – making his show unique to the industry.

Hedden always engages the audience in a variety of ways by either adding humor or audience participation. The audience always leaves with a feeling of emotional attachment to the experience. The end product is a viable piece of art executed on a real canvas using quality artists acrylic paints that are designed to last a lifetime.



2 x 45 Minutes


Home Airport: PHX (Phoenix, AZ)
Excess Luggage:
2 – 16″ x 16″ x 50″ cases on casters.
1 – 42″ x 42″ x 12″ case on casters.
Total weight approx. 150lbs.


Use The Band : No
Tracks Only Show: Yes