A unique theatrical chameleon, über-juggler, and master of physical comedy, Michael Menes is an international varieté-theater artist who has enjoyed a long and successful career. He’s worked in theaters, festivals, television, corporates, colleges, and for more than a dozen luxury cruise lines. With many international credits including projects with Cirque du Soleil, three times on the prestigious varieté tv special “Le Grande Cabaret du Monde” in Paris, on “Just for Laughs” in Montreal, and in Beijing on CCTV’s “International Humor Festival,” he’s been seen by over 200 million people worldwide. Michael’s early work earned him a special niche amongst fellow jugglers as a legend, pioneer, and revolutionary in his field.

Far from a typical comedy juggler, Michael presents a unique and original multi-faceted show combining polished visual acts, energetic juggling routines, novelty vignettes, and character pieces incorporating gesture, mime, and dance. He is a master nonverbal entertainer, great for international guests as well as family-friendly cruising.



1 x 50 minutes
1 x 25 minutes

Michael also offers 2 x 45 min shows (Sea Matinee show and a Juggling Workshop)


Home Airport: Portland, ME


Use The Band: No
Track Only Show: Yes