Julie Barr, one of the funniest comics around, transforms her insecurities into tight, sharp comedy routines. Actually, they are not routine, which makes them so brilliant. She is the comic’s comic. Any beginning stand up performer should catch her show to see how a memorable act is put together.

Julie officially began pursuing her avocation of stand up comedy in the early 1980s mostly because of the discouragement from the Sisters of Mercy during her educational phase. Although her first attempts were made in Toronto, Boston seemed to be a better fit due to more stage time availability and less Customs and Border Patrols. She moved up the ranks to become a popular featured performer at the major comedy clubs in Boston and New York as well as too many Chinese restaurants.

Julie’s insights, as well as her relaxed, interactive style, prompted Steve Morse of The Boston Globe to write, “Barr showed why she is probably the reigning Boston female stand-up comic.” (Julie was grateful to achieve that status without a swimsuit competition.) Whether performing for comedy audiences in clubs, corporate events or cruise ships, Julie has the gift to create a sense of community with her audience.

Julie’s television credits include appearances on Comedy Central, HBO and NBC. She has shared the stage with countless comedy and music acts in her career spanning over three decades. The Boston TAB called her “one of the funniest women comics in Boston and perhaps the country.” Julie would like to remove all doubt by garnering more national television appearances; although her true goal is to reach everyone in the world- one audience at a time.

Julie Barr is positively funny.



2 x 45 Minutes
1 x 30 Minutes


Home Airport: PWM


Use The Band: No
Tracks Only Show: Yes