“Virtuoso of Variety”

Davie’s unique Virtuoso of Variety show is one of the “go-to” headline acts in the cruise industry.

His act has been devoloped over the last 30 years, with the last 18 being specifically dedicated to the cruising audience and its wide range of nationalities and age groups.

Virtuosic skills on the trumpet, piano, flugel horn, percussion, pocket trumpet, and even bizarre household objects are just a part of this high energy, highly original, cutting-edge show.

Add smooth vocals, quirky humor, a vibrant warm presence, and control of the stage that only comes with this amount of time and experience, you have a unique one of a kind variety show suitable for all ages and nationalities that delivers the “WOW” factor every time.



2 x 45 Minutes


Home Airport: NWI
Excess Luggage: No


Use The Band: Yes
Tracks Only Show: No (Does use click tracks on certain tracks, but does not work with just backing tracks)