Internationally renowned Solo Flautist Bettine Clemen has thrilled audiences in over 175 countries with her innovative Solo Shows and has performed in some of the world ́s greatest halls like the Lincoln Center in New York and the Royal Albert Hall in London. Her unique concerts combine many different styles ranging from light classical to POP, Jazz and Ethnic with stunning videos of concerts for over 75 species of animals and nature in exotic places like South Africa, Petra Jordan, Sri Lanka, India, South America, China, Japan and many others. Her films were shown on PBS In USA and her12 CDs are sold all over the world…Now living in Europe and the USA, Bettine tours worldwide for about 8 months with about 10 flutes from her collection of over 100 . Her shows reach people of all ages and cultural backgrounds and are received with much enthusiasm and joy.

What People Are Saying:

“The Entertainment Hit of the entire cruise, though, was a very talented flautist named Bettine Clemen, whose exciting and unique show and virtuosity transcended the simple playing of the instrument by far and whose shows included diverse musical genres combined with stunning films from around the world.”  ~Cruise Critic

“Bettine is a highly trained and highly talented musician and an outstanding entertainer, a delight in every aspect, who brings a unique and genuine style and quality to our entertainment and a pleasure to have her onboard.”  ~Cruise Director on the Insignia (Oceania) 



2 x 45 minutes
1 x 20 minutes


Home Airport: SZG (Salzburg, Austria)
Excess Luggage: 2 Suitcases


Use The Band: Yes
Track Only Show: Yes