Bernadett started playing violin at the age of six; taking lessons from the finest violinists in Budapest, Hungary. The milestone of Bernadett’s musical training was when she was accepted as a student by one of world’s most prestigious violinists, violin master, Silvia Marocivi. This renown violinist not only became Berndaetti’s professor, she became her mentor; molding Bernadett’s style and appreciation for classical music. Coming from a family of musicians, Bernadett was always around music. The musical blood line of this family goes back to 1870 when her Great Grandfather, Jozsef Suha invented the wooden cimbalom, an elaborate string instrument in the dulcimer family. Over the years it was proclaimed as the national instrument of Hungary. As Bernadett’s musical career unfolded, she performed as a feature and a headlining artist in the concert halls of Europe, at music festivals and for Heads of State. Her music was enjoyed in more than fifty cities from London to Austria, Italy to Slovenia, and also America.

Bernadett’s performance is indeed provocative with a combination of popular standards, jazz, classical, pop, fusion and international favorites. Her show will amaze, electrify and tranquilize your audience with this ultimate musical entertainment experience. Her on-stage personality offers stunning costume changes, from gowns to tantalizing dresses. Without a doubt, this beautiful “show off” will always mesmerize her audience. This pop-rock-classical virtuoso sizzles from the music of Bach to Bocelli; Sinatra to Jackson and Phantom to Gershwin, Bernadett can do it all.



2 x 45 minutes


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Use The Band: Yes
Track Show Only: Yes