The wild west has produced notorious villains, shameless charlatans but only one BAYNE BACON!

At the tender age of four Bayne sat at the piano, placed his tiny fingers on the keys, and produced none other than the most horrific sounds in the history of music. Fortunately, he grew out of his early stage of self-indulgence to became one of the most sought after entertainers on the high seas!

Texas born and bred, Bayne began his career with the legendary country band Hoyle Nix and the West Texas Cowboys – one of the most popular bands in Texas opening for some of the biggest Stars in country music, including: Merle Haggard, Marty Robins and Barbara Fairchild.

Bayne went on to pursue a music degree at North Texas University, and four years later, with a degree in hand, he hit the road landing in Reno, NV where he worked the cabaret rooms at the MGM, HARRAHS and HILTON Hotels.

From casinos to the Great Petter Parade held annually in San Antonia, TX, Bayne has worked in most every area of the entertainment industry and his comedy and unique personality make him a highly acclaimed, memorable entertainer!



2 x 45 minutes


Home Airport:
Brisbane (BNE) Australia
Excess Luggage: No


Use The Band: Yes
Tracks Only Show: No