Baker and Mark are an easy to love visual comedy duo that will have you begging for more!. Never insulting, never mean. Whether they are booked for family style or edgy adult the people they bring up on stage become instant celebrities. These guys have been referred to as “The quickest thinkers in show biz.” This fast-paced off-the-cuff show can be based entirely on the vibe of the audience and venue or the theme of a corporate event. Because audience interaction is encouraged with the performers there is no predicting the punchline, and no two shows are the same! It’s an hysterical high-energy evening filled with call backs and catch phrases that those in attendance will be using for months or years to come!



2 x 45 Minutes


Home Airport: JFK, LGA, ISP, or ALB (in order of preference)
Excess Luggage: No


Use The Band: Yes
Tracks Only Show: Yes